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I started Manic in 2004 after 20+ years in the industry. No two days are ever the same here, I love that! I'm a mad sports fan, father of two boys and have had previous lives as a professional hockey player and child film star!

Favourite Product

Branded apples! Eco friendly edible and have WOW factor.

Sales Coordinator

I fell into the promotional industry nearly 3 years ago. Give me a challenge and I love to come up with the answer. Sports and fitness are my passion (I’m the boy my Dad wishes my brothers were) I have played hockey for 15 years where I reached national level!

Favourite Product

King can coffee mug - Keeps my morning Coffee hot, even after an hour!

Social Media Manager / Sales Coordinator

I’m a bubbly and enthusiastic part of the Manic team who loves the manic side of the Promotional industry! Being a relative newcomer from Fashion Retail I am enjoying learning new things everyday and couldn’t have chosen a better team to be part of.

Favourite Product

Seed paper – Paper that you can plant after you use it! 


Sales Coordinator

Previously a Primary Teacher, Promotional Merchandising has been a steep learning curve but, so far, I’m loving it! Taking the reins on the production side of things is definitely playing to my penchant for planning and getting into the details of everything.

Favourite Product

I love the quirky ‘yoyo’ mini speaker.

Brands and agencies we have created solutions for

Coca Cola Logo
Sega Logo
Stalock Logo
Double Tree Logo
Pilsner Urquell Logo
Lays Logo